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July 03, 2006

GodBlogCon Coming Soon


Charmaine, wife of Your Business Blogger will be speaking at the Political Plenary Panel,

A bi-partisan discussion on political conversation across the blogosphere, featuring answers to questions such as: What makes a political blog insightful and interesting, versus a dime-a-dozen rant? What role will political blogs play in the upcoming elections and future campaigns? Where can a blogger find insightful content from which to draw? How can a blogger facilitate legitimate political conversation on his or her political blog?

Charmaine will be joining:

Hugh Hewitt / Professor of Law, Author, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
Blog: hughhewitt.com

La Shawn Barber / Author and Writer
Blog: La Shawn Barber's Corner

John Mark Reynolds / Director of the Torrey Honors Institute (Biola)
Blog: Middlebrow

James Kushiner / Publisher of Touchtone Magazine
Blog: Mere Comments

Joe Carter / Comm. Director at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Blog: Evangelical Outpost

Rob Asghar / Writer and Political Commentator
Blog: TheAmericaBug

Ryan Bolger / Assistant Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture (Fuller)
Blog: TheBolgBlog

Marvin Hutchens
Hutchens Blog

Rhett Smith

Andrew Jackson

Melinda Penner
STR Blog

Matthew Anderson
Mere Orthodoxy

Fred Sanders

Paul Spears

The GodBlogCon 2006 is hosted by the Torrey Honors Institute of Biola University. Register now!


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