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December 09, 2005

Microscopic Marketing and Marriage, an Update


This is an update on The Million Dollar Home Page. I was a skeptic. I succumbed. I'm a sucker. (For a Purple Cow.)

So last week I tell Charmaine, "I just bought ad space on The Million Dollar Home Page."

"Great!" she says. "We need to do some ad copy."

"...well, dear..."

"About time you advertised your blog." She gets out a pen, "What's the buy? Who's the reader? What's the..."


"Yea, how big?" She asks, eyes a-glow.

"Small. But we make it up on Frequency! on Reach! on Awareness...!"

Charmaine stops smiling. "How small?"

"100 pixels. We're helping a young man get through college..."

Charmaine's eyes go dead. That look. Blank.

I'm in trouble, "Only 100 bucks. Buck a pixel, get it?! ha ha ha!"

Her look drifts into a 1,000 yard stare, common on combat veterans. Married veterans.

"What does 100 pixels look like?" she whispers.

"10 by 10 pixs." I do the math for her. It was not helpful.

"Show me." She murmurs. I'm glade she's talking.

"Here," I said. "It's....compact..."


My Ad

She's mentions the $45K for my MBA. "We'll have to consider the ROI, won't we?" I don't know if she's talking business school or ad buys. Or marriage. Hard to tell the difference.

I don't wait too many days for the answer.

This morning, Charmaine asked how my advertising program was going.

I mumble, "Three."

"That's 33 bucks a hit, huh?" She does the math this time. "A bit high, would you say?"

"John Wanamaker said that half of his marketing budget was wasted..." I launch into consulting mode.

"You did the wasted half." She's very good with a knife. Cutting to the truth.

I end the conversation. Like a man.

"Yes, dear."

Alex, the creator of the page reached $843,600 toward his goal of $1,000,000. There still some space left for you to buy.

But don't tell your wife.

The original post:

Alex Tew
in the WSJ
How can one get 700,000 hits a day? Alex Tew has the answer.

Blogs can be divided into Linkers and Thinkers. The Million Dollar Homepage might be a case study on both. On the same page.

And makes money.

Whenever I buy ad space, I am sensitive to the sales point about the size of the presentation. A 100 pixel ad placement would not be anyone's idea of a compelling pitch.

Until now.

The internet changes everything. Silly cliche.

Silly me.

The brainchild of Britisher Alex Tew was written up in The Wall Street Journal.

Alex topped $700K toward his goal of $1 million dollars by selling a pixel a buck.

A Market Genius. Alex is even selling in Dollars.

Not Pounds.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The Million Dollar Homepage has a blog. Of course.

Be sure to visit the testimonial page. Goodness, it's good. Perfect for the skeptic. Like me.

Hat tip for the linkage to The Club For Growth.

California Conservative has weekend open posts.

Political Teen has open track backs.

Basil's Blog has breakfast.

Business Pundit has the best get-rich-quick-story.

MacStansbury has open trackbacks.

MLMForums is hosting the Carnival of Marketing!

Posted by Jack Yoest at December 9, 2005 08:42 AM

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Jack, Jack, Jack. You're going about it the wrong way. A 100 pixel buy is brilliant. What you do is follow this email up with a Where's Waldo/Jack Yoest ad contest. You challenge your readers to not only go to the Million Dollar Homepage and find your ad, but forward the email to their friends (a large number of whom will be non-readers) as a challenge to find your ad and click it. Whenever they find your ad and click it, they email you to let you know -- and you add them to your email list. Then simply publish a list of winners and you'll wind up with more readers than before. Everybody loves a game. ...



Posted by: Ken at December 9, 2005 02:26 PM

Ken, I think you are on to some thing here.

I'll have to have the contest anyway. I can't find the ad myself.

Lost the little bugger.

Send me an invoice for you idea. I owe you.

Thanks again,


Posted by: Jack Yoest at December 9, 2005 02:29 PM

Probably not a bad idea...But on the flip side...can anyone actually SEE these little pixel ads?? No. I like what this site is doing... http://www.zillionwebsites.com ...at least here you can actually see what you are clicking on.

Posted by: John at December 9, 2005 05:59 PM

John, the zillion- looks interesting. Clean and Compelling.

What's the traffic?

I'm up to four, count 'em 4, hits with milliondollar.

Thanks for the tip,

Posted by: Jack Yoest at December 11, 2005 12:00 AM


You made me smile!


David Porter
Pacesetter Mortgage

Posted by: David Porter at December 18, 2005 09:11 AM

After seeing the success that milliondollarhomepage.com was having, I started up my own ad space website, however it's based on bytes rather than pixels. Depending on how low you can get the file size, ads can cost over half as much as ads on pixel-based ad space sites. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the first byte-based ad site on the internet. Hopefully, it’s enough of a departure from the “pixel pusher” concept to create decent traffic and create a buzz. Check out www.buckabyte.com for more on the internet’s first byte-size site.

Posted by: Michael Frans at December 18, 2005 09:52 PM

Mike, keep us informed on your success. I'm up to 5, count 'em Five, hits from milliondollarhomepage.

You have low hurtle.
You couldn't do worse.


Posted by: Jack Yoest at December 19, 2005 08:02 AM

Why should you pay hundreds of dollars for
stupid pixels when I oversell 'em on eBay?
3200 pixels for 1 dollar... instead of 3200 dollars!

If you want, you can

Posted by: pixels suck at December 30, 2005 01:41 PM

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