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October 10, 2005

Haley Barbour Finds a Friend


David Crouse runs a terrific concrete company in Kentucky. And tells the story of getting in trouble -- and out of trouble -- by "finding a friend."

Finding friends just as Haley Barbour did after Hurricane Katrina.

David was driving his new Lincoln out-of-state and bending the speedometer needle past 100 hurrying home. His passenger was The Judge. They were stopped by the state police and issued a citation with a required court appearance.

David didn't mind the fine but he couldn't show up in court: he had concrete to pour. But it was the weekend and all official offices were closed. What to do?

The Judge says, "Stop at the next town; we gotta find a friend."

So they stopped at the State Farm Insurance office on Main Street, made introductions to the agent on duty and told their dilemma. Of course they quickly established rapport and mutual friends -- six degrees of separation and all.

The insurance agent knew the local law enforcement (his brother, I believe); invited him over. David confessed, paid the fine and returned to his business.

In trouble? Need to make a sale? Run a big project? Clean up a hurricane?

Find a Friend.

Just like Governor Haley Barbour running Mississippi in the Katrina Aftermath.


Haley Barbour
Mississippi Governor

Barbour called on his network of contacts and friends and came up with satellite phones, helicopters, money and more. He knows where every dollar is hidden in Jackson and in Washington, DC. Barbour made calls and the calls were returned. He didn't whine.

Here's the key:

"Haley's got more friends than anyone I know," says lobbyist Don Fierce.

Future posts will review the single best place to start building your own network of contacts and friends.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: I married into the Crouse Clan, as in Charmaine Crouse Yoest. This is an unpaid endorsement. I've paid a few speeding tickets for her too. Maybe it's the Kentucky race-horse culture? I'm trying to get her to slow down.

Morgan Freeman helps.

Veritas points us to MississippiRenewal.

Bill Karl
has Katrina politicalization.

Parrot Cage doesn't care for Barbour.

The Harpist has quotes.

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