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September 13, 2005

Your Family is Your Business



Part of the tragedy of the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath is missing children. The flood waters destroyed pictures. Tearful, panicked mothers attempting to describe a precious little one. What would a parent do? No image for a missing-child posting.

Nothing for the milk cartons.

To find the little one fastest a picture is best.


ISO 9000

Naval Aviation

Smart managers know that disaster can strike a business much as the breached levees destroyed New Orleans' families. Many businesses, especially those with an international scope, use the ISO 9000 certification as a template for recovery.

ISO 9000 standards are used not only to produce a product or service of consistent quality -- but also as a framework to replicate an enterprise.

If the building burns down, the employees have a 'business picture' to rebuild.

Store the plan two ways: atoms and bytes. The physical paper document is off-site and, most important, web based. Do this with your loved ones: your business; your family.


My Penta-Posse

Today, email and send pictures of your family to a loved one.

And cc me. Jack@Yoest.org (Yes, it's worth the spamming I'll get.)

A picture can help get your business back, and maybe your child.


Thank you (foot)notes:

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Update 23 Sept 05: BoingBoing has the single item to take.

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